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The content we consume

What does the content we consume say about us?

CoComelon - the #1 show on Netflix in 2020 (amused, bored and dazed w/wo children)

Blinding Lights - the #1 song (obviously the dance challenge worked)

Carrot bacon recipes (by Tabitha Brown, one of the most shared social posts this year)

The Joe Rogan experience was our podcast of choice (some over 3 hours in length, who says "talk radio" is dead)

#1 game Call of Duty, followed closely by Animal Crossing. (no surprise)

We miss Obama - book was #1 sold in 2020

Sassy bougie ratchet - our new karaoke favourite (you know it by heart, disturbing that your kids know it too).

“Why is toilet paper sold out” the most representative search question of 2020 according to Google. (we need to understand)

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