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Kindness as a Key business KPI

s we look at more meaning in our lives, at work, and in the choices we make, treating people with kindness is critical. How is this even debatable? But in the speed of work, we forget.

The sad truth is many people are brought up to believe the act of kindness is a sign of weaknesses, and many are used to an unhealthy business world dominated by cut-throat competition and governed by domineering managers. It’s no wonder the act of kindness has been long forgotten and it has taken the backseat when it comes to business strategy. This is one strategy that doesn’t require cost, can generate profit, promote goodwill and branding and most importantly, renew your mental and physical health.

Kindness is about how you treat people. With respect and empathy.

Kindness begins (or ends) with everyday interactions. Regardless of our seniority, each of us makes moment-by-moment choices about how kind to be to those around us. And, in the fullness of time, it is those everyday choices that exert influence on corporate behavior—for better or worse.

Candor, compassion, courage and consistency. More here.

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