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I miss the office

I just read a post by someone in Australia - lets not go back to work. I cannot disagree more. I CANNOT wait. I miss so many things, and while I believe that work from home should be a choice or an option for some, it is not ideal for all, and I do believe that in some industries working face to face might just be more productive. I am tired of virtual meetings. Miss my group lunches. Miss the chatter at the coffee area...miss the daily interactions small and large. I worked in open concept, and I miss hearing about everything and being in the middle of chaos. I miss dressing up for work. Miss the yearn for a Friday (now it just feels the same). I miss going to the bar on a Thursday afternoon...miss the once a month cake with team members to celebrate. I like big calendars; like playing Nintendo or app games after 6p.

I miss seeing clients in person. And at my current job - I really haven't met anyone outside of is so odd. Restart....Start...return to normal. Soon please. Want the option (with all of the necessary safety measures in place). And will offer all the flexibility (because I get horrible commutes and more time to balance work without a commute) A creature of habit? maybe. I love the unpredictable conversations, the crazy fire drills, the starbucks runs. Here's to hope.

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