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Navigating a scary Market

Is Covid different? To understand what’s likely to be true, we have to rest upon the weighty evidence of history. So maybe it would be worth reminding ourselves of certain other scary times in the recent past. 1999: Y2K 2002: West Nile virus 2003: SARS 2005: Bird flu 2008: A global financial crisis 2009: Swine flu 2012: Mayan calendar 2014: Ebola 2016: Zika Looking back, you may notice a pattern. The pattern is that each and every time we thought that things might change for good and disrupt (investing) forever, they didn’t. That’s what I mean when I say “the weighty evidence of history.” It’s true, this time may be different. But probably, it’s the same. Navigating a scary market -

#stockmarket #covid

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