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Design for people - a necessary change

People don’t like change.

So in a “new normal”, or “restart”, there is much debate about the necessity of change in media. Modern media should take into account "traditional" rules but also embrace new territories – ahead of necessity. A balance of practical and forward thinking:

1. Balance the rigor with the possibilities

Start with a clear understanding of the facts. Start with what you know. But question. (TV is effective. Not all tv plans are equally effective)

Reach is a priority. But doing small smart hyper creative tactics offer opportunities for earned media. Allocate accordingly.

2. Use tech to bring marketing and advertising together.

Today we are able to better integrate what we learn in marketing and how we apply that to advertising. The right tech and they way you use data can fuel your marketing promise. Data alone is just utility.

3. (Really) measure what matters

All media can be performance media if planned and measured.

4. The impact of creativity

Reaching people is critical…but what you tell them even more so. Use media creatively.

5. From Think to know

Prioritize this.

Embrace change. Design for people.

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