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Nobody knows....

I’m reposting the Monday newsletter on the site because I believe it’s important. It’s an effort to cut through a lot of the confusion and bullshit out there with regards to the current pandemic. Things have gotten contentious around the world with a lot of blaming, arguing, and finger-pointing going on. So, I’d like to use this as an opportunity to dispel anyone’s sense of certainty about, well, anything.

In the case of COVID-19, it appears to many that there is a clear trade-off between economic stability for billions, and the lives of, let’s say, a few million.

We should reserve judgment about these things. Especially online when we’re all coming from different places globally, politically, culturally, etc. It’s easy for me, in New York City, to get pissed off when I see masses of people enjoying the beach in Florida. But it’s also different. Culturally, geographically, demographically, it is different. And it’s in these moments, when I find myself getting sucked into my emotions, or climbing up onto my high horse of social media judgments, that I remind myself: I don’t know a damn thing.

And neither do you.

#MarkManson #Covid

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