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BC C19/AC C19

How is Covid changing us:

we all realize that we can do with less

virtual mtgs - good and bad tech

Wifi can't live without it...will take it at any price?

Medical cannabis and alcohol usage increases

Less transit...walk or drive for safety

a medical pantry...stock the basics

DIY beauty out of necessity not entertainment

DIY medicine...stocking up on zinc?/vitamin c intravenously...replaces botox

primary relationship with your pharmacist

online education - online parties - online dating

voting online

esports rated a top 3 sport

Twitch becomes the playdate/need for "online babysitting"

Local vacation homes are the new travel

Tiktok is everyones source of short form comedy

Value local news (I hope)

Ecom becomes branding opportunity

what did they use before paper toilet paper?

heros: grocery workers and delivery people - celebrate

medical students/medical worker get free tuition++ as comp for being on the front line

Tech that makes being home better

Pet safety..masks?

BC C19/AC C19

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