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A new take on "buy canadian:

The CIRA, the registry that manages Canada’s .Ca top level domain name, is running a new TV and streaming ad campaign to urge Canadians to choose .Ca over .Com. The campaign is called Don’t Be a Traitor. "You're a Canadian buying a .com domain...what is wrong with you". Shaming us into buying .ca? CIRA states if you are a Canadian business selling to Canadians you should have a .ca. The post below includes criteria and some rationale for ca/.com option. The ad is on youtube link below. Apparently a portion of the proceeds of .CA registrations goes toward the Community Investment Program, which funds innovative projects that give back to Canadian communities. Just by registering a .CA, you're helping build a better online Canada. Didn't know that....maybe that is the information the ad might have considered sharing...I was told buying a .com was smarter even for this small blog.

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