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I am addicted to shiny things

I have a confession to make. I AM addicted to shiny things…

Creative awards inspire me. I celebrate wins both for other agencies but also for mine. Yes I get some of it is “not made for real life” but I hope the potential of new and great, pushes us forward.

And for media specifically, the celebration of innovation is critical; “scale” and traditional media buying bumps up against banner blindness and a mass lack of attention. Building on the back of innovation is progress. Awards should celebrate that and act as an opportunity to discuss new solutions; create benchmarks; open up the dialogue on why brave work is even more important in 2019; help us better capitalize on t the opportunities of our evolving consumer media consumption.

I do agree that creative and media awards need to evolve and their importance needs to be in check….BUT celebrating great work should not go away.

To mean shiny is about pushing forward….today so much is possible. And I want agencies, media and creative to continue to be makers.

There should not be a debate on the foundations of building a business and using innovation to drive a competitive advantage. Innovation is not simple, easy or cheap and for me it is not an option; it is an AND.

In advertising you cannot claim to be a digital and creative disruptor without playing in the arena. Yes there are issues: awards have become less relevant with cases written to win; ideas that barely launch beyond the agencies own walled garden. But I also believe they are an example of an industry striving for more. And that can and should motivate.

I love how advertising as potential to change the world.. making things that can change commercial and human behaviour: the Domino’s pizza emoji; The Bud hockey light; Fearless girl; the Destination Canada app; TD bank coin posters; own our Havas Home Helper….these kinds of ideas make the world a little bit better, change how we think about traditional categories and help our clients brands stand out. They should be acknowledged.

At the end of the day we all agree that agencies and teams should be rewarded by elevating a client’s business. Winning or entering an award show should create a culture where ideas that really matter become the minimum requirement.

I am all for giving up the pomp and pageantry of the creative or media award event….but not the intent. Shift the emphasis from creative to creative effectiveness….get paid not on awards won but on ideas that grows business; go to Cannes Media Lions to learn, to be better and study your craft. Create new standard for our industry!

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