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Share of web traffic by device

Some more surprises for you today. hashtag#Mobile devices account for an ever greater share of our connected activities, but computers are still an essential part of the mix. Read on to learn why… Around the world, mobiles are most people's go-to devices for connected activities, with more than 90% of internet users accessing via mobile. However, the latest data reveal that computers still account for an important share of both time and traffic. What does this mean for marketers? The simple answer is that we need to stop thinking of "mobile vs. computer" as an either-or choice. Both devices play an important role in people's lives, addressing different needs and contexts, and many people still use both. So your plans should too. Mobile is great when people need quick answers, when they're on the go, and when dedicated apps offer a better experience than websites. Mobile also accounts for a higher share of total sessions, although the average session is shorter, and often focuses on one specific task. Computers are better for complex activities, especially for work purposes. Critically, computers also play an important role in product research and online shopping.

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