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What is a tech company

Apple is a tech company? Or a company that makes products people love. Tech certain speaks to future, market potential, advancement...but can any company be a tech company?

SweetGreen is a restaurant but is founders felt they wanted more: Sweetgreen as being more than just a restaurant ... but evolving into a food platform.

Their push to tech was risky and dramatic. The founders had raised $200 million--five times any previous Sweetgreen funding round--an investment that vaulted the company's valuation to well over a billion dollars. In media appearances, they sounded like men possessed by Silicon Valley ghosts: Sweetgreen was a "platform" and its food, "content." They said the company was at work on an A.I.-powered mobile app and kitchens in the cloud, all in the name of "frictionless experiences." They even planned to leverage the blockchain. Not everyone has been able to stomach the shift--already several nervous executives and a board member have left the company, at least partly because of their concerns. See here

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