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Mica...and blockchain

Mica linked to child labor is littered throughout the cosmetics industry — taking up residency in everything from high-end eyeshadows palettes to drugstore lipsticks. Listed as ‘mica,’ ‘potassium aluminium silicate,’ and ‘CI 77019,’ on ingredient lists, it’s what gives body lotion or eye cream a light glow, makes toothpaste look extra bright, or provides BB cream with a subtle radiance. Today mica is in its second golden period with China picking up where Roughly 70% of mica produced in India comes from illegal mines that are totally unregulated by the government. With no other industries in the region, many families have no choice but to continue working in crumbling mines under a new, informal organization sometimes referred to as the “mica mafia.” Family mining is common, and a young child’s small stature and nimble hands also make them valuable for entering narrow mine shafts and sorting smaller pieces of mica. It’s a classic case of the resource curse, where developing economies are worse off for their natural resources because of exploitation by the developed world. Incredible article from Refinery 29 on the complexities

Can block chain solve this....might be able to track sourcing to "supplier" but human side has to be solved first.

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