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Advice from Rishad Tobaccowala

I would give you the three different pieces of advice I give myself. The first one, is, and even though I look like an old Nokia phone, I’m still running the latest operating system. How is that? I spend 1-2 hours each day learning new things. I get up at 4:30AM every morning and I spend an hour and a half learning new things. I truly believe that if you aren’t learning new things, you are becoming irrelevant and you’ll start faking it and then you’ll lose your job. The second one which is extremely important, is try to build a case for the exact opposite of what you think is true. The reason, to an extent, is that I am convinced that some of the stuff I believe is because I’ve built a very strong case as to why I am wrong. And then I’ve thought really hard as to why I might actually be right even though I built a very strong case that I am wrong. So if you can’t build that case, for the opposite side, then you can’t know what the hell is going on. It also is a way to get you out of your filter bubble and listen to other things. And third is, I would say that the future is about data-driven storytelling. It’s data driving story telling. It has to be about data because it has to be truth based on facts. So invest in yourself, think the opposite what you think is true might actually be true and data driven storytelling.

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