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Learning (to code) and other things

How to be more relevant in advertising? Learn a new skills. Yup it is hard. I learned to code - taking a full stack course - and frankly I was dumbfounded at first...but eventually it clicked. Will I ever be a coder?....never but i now better understand the language and it helped open my eyes to new solutions. What the course really did was put me on a new journey...started to go to tech events, and eventually met the TechTO founders, which allowed me to launch MarketingTO (a marketing tech and digital forum, where you learn something and meet someone). I went to hackathons, industry lectures, started to network and took courses on digital transformation and design thinking. Made me a better marketer. It helped me understand how to translate my skills into new opportunities....and it made me more relevant. Just do it....code academy is a start....lots of courses; hands on a theory....evolution of work is something to lean into. Take a course....find the time. Don't let urgent get in the way of important.

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