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AI invents a sport

So interesting....what would happen if we used technology not to police the rules but to create them? Enter Speedgate . Introduced by design agency AKQA as a project for Design Week, Speedgate is reportedly the first sport to be conceived by artificial intelligence (AI). It merges concepts from croquet, rugby and soccer, with six-player teams kicking a ball around a field with three gates.Data from 400 popular sports around the world was fed into a neural network, and then crunched to create a basic framework of rules and concepts. A large number of the suggestions weren’t exactly realistic (exploding frisbees, anyone?), but Speedgate emerged as the top choice after the company test-played the leading contenders.Luckily, the rules seem more understandable than the game’s moto, which the AI also came up with – ‘face the ball to be the ball to be above the ball’.

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