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The complexity of code...Hello World

The trouble with making things out of code, as opposed to something physical is that it is invisible to the eye.

A profound concept that prevented me from launching a software company in 2017- I didn't feel I knew enough to manage, understand or audit....and felt a bit powerless. Managing code felt problematic, i wanted to I learned to code and the more I learned, the more I had to learn.

Coding is complex...but the language has evolved by not by leaps and bounds. Computers had doubled in power every 18 months for the last 40 years. Why hadn’t programming changed?

“Typically the main problem with software coding— is not the skills of the coders. The people know how to code. The problem is what to code. Because most of the requirements are kind of natural language, ambiguous, and a requirement is never extremely precise, it’s often understood differently by the guy who’s supposed to code.”

In the world of the self-driving car, software can’t be an afterthought. It can’t be built like today’s airline-reservation systems or 911 systems or stock-trading systems. Code will be put in charge of hundreds of millions of lives on the road and it has to work. That is no small task.

“Computing is fundamentally invisible. When your tires are flat, you look at your tires, they are flat. When your software is broken, you look at your software, you see nothing.”

Great article to read here

So I continue to pause and think...I still have an amazing idea that i will build out a business plan for, but in the meantime, I am working on my CSS skills.

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