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What's in a picture

I hate taking pictures. Period. Not sure why but I do. Never feel comfortable and don't feel like myself....except for a selfie I took 2 years ago that really does: 1) look like me; 2) expresses my personality.

I am not hugely sunny - I tend to be serious. I think this picture isn't my most attractive but depicts my personality. It also expresses who i was at the time.

In come the branding people - and they encourage me to redo it. "LinkedIn has replaced the handshake in the boardroom and is now the first impression." " Your picture looks grim", "Alex, you could do better". Ok after much debate, I agreed to "pose" for pictures, with an amazing photographer . Here is my new brand...the smiling Alex

Yup I am smiling - but under duress.

Will this new shot change my # of views, social sales index (linkedin's measure)? I am not sure but I will post if i notice any difference.

For the record, of the shots they took my favourite is sans teeth.

or a less happy version...

And if you want to now more about the science of this

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