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"Hey Google can you make my life better?"

"Hey Google" can you make my life better? I recently attended a seminar on how to fully integrate my home and update my life...from lights on (ditching my clap on :) to making coffee, playing music, turning on thermostat, the oven, monitoring sites, linking weather to home, creating auto shopping lists, security. Amazing how simple it all looks....but while IOT is cool, chasing cool has its challenges?

Lets start with a market segmentation....from consumer to business.

On consumer side - the services offer utility, measurement, monitoring, game-ification and offer benefits of information, productivity and saving money. From Ecobee's thermostat, to Myant's Skiin smart underwear.

At the info seminar I attended, one hot topic was the ability to give up your privacy....Does Google home record everything? They can, but apparently they don't: Google Home says they are not recording everything....The main concern among security experts when it comes to smart home devices is the degree to which they are listening. They obviously listen for any commands the user might utter, but what else is it taking in, and how could that put privacy at risk?

I am willing to take the risk (as long as one publishes my exclamative regarding US politics). Things to consider when buying an Amazon Echo (in US only for now) or Google Home is to learn to mute you device, don't connect it to all of your services (i.e. google mail) and review what you want to connect it to. We live in a world of quid pro quo...if you believe benefit is great, then ensure you are aware of what you are giving up. Privacy management requires an engaged consumer.

Over the next few years IOT will connect cars, homes, healthcare and change the way we use technology...massive transformation . Most predict wide spread adoption for simple tasks but also a growing marketplace for analytics and business management. It is easy to see how the smartphone will ultimately replace the echo/home...but for now $170 to integrate my gadgets seems like something I want/need.

On the Business facing side I love this article from HBR that examines the ROI of IOT for business.

IOT is said to be ground zero for the new industrial revolution. The long-term impact of the Industrial Internet of Things is in steadily altering the competitive landscape of industries and, in turn, creating an outcome-based economy. I am reading some work from Kaukab Ibrahim who outlines some of the challenges.

And finally some stats:

Massive growth...

Key opportunities

And a ream of information from Forbes.

As for me....I will welcome Google Home, Ecobee, a new ultra chrome cast, Philips light bulbs, Wemo outlets...not sure yet about the underwear but am thinking about it. Will report back!

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