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Pet Peeve Tax dollars wasted on Canada's 150

An Ontario government grant of about $120,000 that is going toward a giant rubber duck for Canada 150 celebrations is ruffling some feathers.

Now for those that are not Canadian lets be clear - there is no relevant symbolism here. This is a cute, large, rubber (err plastic) duck that you may have had in the bathtub as a child....but this on is six-storey-tall, 13,600-kilogram yellow duck. It was brought to Toronto by the Redpath Waterfront Festival, at a total cost of $200,000, combining other funding such as corporate sponsorship. It's being billed as a tourist attraction -- with particular Instagram and selfie appeal -- and will also be taken to other communities in Ontario.

A Tourist attraction? yes it is. An absurd was of tax dollars...yes.

For the record, I am in favour of funding public art and festivals. They’re good for tourism, they make people happy and it’s important to mark anniversaries. Having made that decision, insisting that we only spend money on something that adds value may be better. Experiential, I am ok with that. And I don't want to see the same thing year over year. But a duck, during Canada's 150? Not sure that made sense.

That said...we did go to see it ;)...with picture above.

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