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<p>Introducing the new smart!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

AI is the fastest growing area of both funding (in Canada) and at times the drum beat in the press on all forms of tech innovation. Machines that sense, learn, reason, and interact with people in new ways to provide insight and advice are here to stay and maybe taking over.

Imagine a world where one of the board room chairs will be allocated to "Watson" and their opinion will count as much or more than all of us. Why? Many think Watson can outsmart any human. Smart machines can process, store, and recall information faster and better than we humans. Additionally, AI can pattern-match faster and produce a wider array of alternatives than we can. AI can even learn faster. In an age of smart machines, our old definition of what makes a person smart doesn’t make sense.

Ed Hess, from Darden U makes an important point here:The new smart will be determined not by what or how you know but by the quality of your thinking, listening, relating, collaborating, and learning. Sharpen your leadership skills...the future is coming.

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