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The leadership failure

The elite world of business is white male and rich. Yes ceilings are breaking...we have more female CEOs, we are more diverse....but what about our business values? Type A, extrovert, sales above all, win at all cost, money over everything. I know all about it...I was a witness.

In advertising we saw in 2016 the resignation of one of Kevin Roberts, Chairman at Saatchi & Saatchi (most agree he should have been fired for his comments).

Now we are watching a different issue with Uber.

The takeaway: "the business world" over looks bad behaviour (if results are strong) .

Many companies struggle (sadly) with diversity and inclusion. In tech the issue is magnified with a grand self-image: "a bunch of brilliant minds set on making the world a better place, for whom no problem is too tough to solve, no status quo too established to upend." I don't care how smart you are, core human values are critical. As an employee here is my advice "you get the life you tolerate". When you see bad behaviour call it out and if nothing changes, leave. As a leader I would hope that you have the will and the backbone to stand up for what is right. Many don't. They are tied financially to work; they fear repercussion; being a hero doesn't pay the mortgage. If that is your case please talk to a manager you trust; a mentor; seek legal advice; but don't look away.

I hope for better. I believe people can change and will grow based on modelling behaviour of others. Do the right thing should not be a hope; it should be a pillar of business. I have always worked for people with principles and values. I will continue to seek these people out. Don't just walk the line...pick the right side.

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