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On my reading list: The end of advertising

On my reading list is "The End of Advertising" by Andre Essex is formerly of Droga5 . “The title of the book is not particularly imaginative but really should be ‘The End of Bad Advertising,’” Mr. Essex said. “I did want to say that for several people here who make their living from it.” The future of marketing requires the right mix of innovation and science. But starts with great ideas and how they will break through. What is foundational in importance; but Where the message is "discovered" is also critical.

I love this quote: When asked whether the 30-second TV commercial was dying, Catharine Hays, who directs the Future of Advertising program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, said that was “the wrong question.” The right question, she said, is “What’s better than the 30-second ad?” And today there are so many brilliant ways to connect ideas to humans. Many of us in the industry believe advertising will never end, but it will change : Put simply, the end of advertising is coming because interruptions are ending. Consumers have options for getting what they want without interruptions. And that is a game changer.

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