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AI for good

One of the greatest hopes I have for technology is that it can help us solve some of the greatest issues we face like poverty, disease, injustice even loneliness. The reality is that AI can and are some examples

1) companion pet bots have been built which provide emotional support and monitor senior citizens for signs of depression

2) AI based virtual nursing assistants have been developed which follow up with patients after they have been discharged from hospitals

3) sequential planning algorithms have been used to efficiently spread awareness about dangerous diseases such as HIV among disadvantaged populations such as homeless youth

4) data-driven early intervention systems have been built which pro-actively identify police officers likely to have adverse interactions with the general public, thereby harming police-public relations

There have been many advances and partnerships. A few days ago IBM's Watson joined in with a promising initiative . IBM is channeling its science and tech expertise into tackling some of the world's biggest problems. Some examples include: compile emergency food distribution best practices and share it with nonprofits; and another which uses AI to decode complex texts using basic messaging and visual or voice to help low-literate adults better navigate. The benefits all. I wish more industries learned to that comes to mind is the drug world. I love this initiative from HUGE Inc. Lets do more of this!

#AI #socialchallenges #poverty

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