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Daryl Hemingway - the future of advertising

Daryl Hemingway is the CEO of startup SmartTones Media and is changing the world of advertising. A former rocket scientist and engineer (he hails from NASA and MIT) Daryl has a point of view on the Canadian broadcast upfront: This week's upfronts, it's interesting that no one is talking about the biggest opportunity television has today: The time has come for TV ad measurement in Canada. While broadcasters are accurately pointing out the indiscriminate nature of programmatic digital that has gone from ineffective to outright negative value for brands unlucky enough to land next to the latest ISIS video or other tragedy, it is not enough to criticize digital walled gardens for "marking their own homework". TV ads in Canada have no one marking them at all. Individuals watching TV ads are not measured in any way. The antiquated Numeris system that only measures a tiny sample of viewers in a handful of cities across the country and asks the rest of the nation to do their own homework with diaries, which does not look at ad viewership at all. That was acceptable in the 1950's when phones and diaries were the only technology available, but this is 2017. The time has come for accurate, detailed, broad market measurement that is now possible with technology such as SmartTones. And as Canadian TV advertisers place their bets on where to spend $3.5 billion in media buy this year, you can bet they would love to have real data to measure and guide their decisions.

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