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Are you a leader or a politician

I believe that leadership is a skill that not all have but many can learn. I have never been a great politician but I strive to be a strong leader (work in progress). Umber Haque is a coach and business voice that I follow. Here is one of the many articles he has written where he talks about the leadership deficit with some thoughts on the Trump win in the US.

"This generation of leaders has failed utterly, remarkably, absolutely at leadership. The facts — measurable, quantifiable, visible — are as indisputable as they are stark. They are not stewards and shepherds of human potential. What are thy? They are landlords of human potential. We pay them rent merely for existing, being, surviving. Hence, our human potential goes…nowhere. It is sapped by the day, merely by the exigencies of living in the rubble of the dream. And that is why we are angry, outraged, weary."

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